Richard Philip


Richard Philip is author of the novel, The Bending of Strong Forms. He's also a writer of short stories. He was shortlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize 2017/18, and placed on the Honorable Mentions list of the 2018 Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition.

Richard has comprehensive knowledge in various forms of composition. He is a musician and lyricist, and a journalist with extensive experience in medical journalism and in writing current affairs news for young people. He has written scripts for the stage including three performance art pieces, Pray, Poverty and Duet, and a play entitled Night, all of which he co-directed with his wife. He has a BA in Sociology and Communication. 

Starting off as a copywriter (wrote an ad for the Volkswagen Beetle that went, "The early bird catches the bug" to replace the "Buy now while stocks last!" banalityhe figured out that the turn of phrase, the witty rejoinder, the glint and shimmer of advertising isn't the only way to get at the honest and beautiful sentence. 

Richard's love for fiction derives from its being based in the frontierless world of the imagination. He wants to create literary works that have universal appeal; works that will transcend boundaries and touch the human heart, and, of course, continue to impress his wife.